We Are Passionate About Helping Others

Our story is still being written as we continue to grow.

In 2012, Dan Rietti set out to redefine service in the travel healthcare industry. He hatched a plan to open his own firm and brought his (initially) skeptical and (very) pregnant wife along for the ride.

With a drive to elevate professionalism while putting the human touch back into recruiting, Pioneer Healthcare Services took off almost immediately. Dan wanted to create a place where travelers feel like they are actually part of a team, and he has not only succeeded, but exceeded even his own expectations.

Building a team of like-minded professionals who put people first, Pioneer has become known in the industry for its balance of professionalism and personalization, providing unmatched service and support to both clients and travelers, and finding the right nurses and therapists for every need.

And behind the scenes, we are a family as well. Our work environment is about loving what we do and having fun along the way. We are also supportive of our employees’ work-life balance, and if you ever stop into our office, you’ll likely find dogs relaxing and children playing or doing schoolwork. We want our team to love what they do and where they do it.

At Pioneer, our story is still being written as we continue to grow and evolve, and we can’t wait to be part of your evolving professional story, as well.