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If you are about to embark on a new journey as a travel OT, PT, or SLP, this article is for you. Let’s talk about ways you can adjust to new cities and areas while away from the familiar. This could make all the difference in your desire to continue to accept travel work.

Stay Connected
Connections with family and friends will see you through some initial lonely days. You’ll be busy learning new systems and meeting new work colleagues, but be sure to keep the ties to your besties intact. Make the time to call, text, and video chat before you hit the sack. If you’re both into books or podcasts, pick one and read or listen separately to the same one then discuss it together. Or play online games. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

Make a New Routine
A new city calls for a new routine. Try to switch up your usual routine from home and see how that works. You might find you like it and may learn something new about yourself, like maybe you really do enjoy riding your bike to work instead of the gas guzzler all the time. This is a great time to “try on” new actions that you might decide to make lifelong habits.

You’re in a new city without any of the old obligations. What a glorious time! Take this opportunity to explore your new town and all it has to offer. Do you enjoy little bistros with a quaint atmosphere? Do you like hiking? Movie theaters? Local architecture. Museums? Botanical gardens? Live music events? The possibilities are endless. This is the time to explore!

Let Us Connect You

If living in a new city sounds exciting and you want to put your OT, PT, or SLP training to excellent use in a travel job, contact Pioneer Healthcare today. Adventures await!