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So you can focus on what you love.

Every day on your commute to work you see the signs: “help wanted” in windows, on billboards, on social media (no surfing and driving at the same time!). In your healthcare organization, you know the numbers when it comes to open positions. The numbers are too high. The demand for talented healthcare workers has only increased since the pandemic.

There is a way you can fill your nursing and allied health positions quicker. Hire a healthcare staffing agency to reduce the time it takes to hire and onboard high-level employees such as nurses and allied health professionals.

Firm Foundation
Healthcare staffing agencies have been in the field for quite a while and have built a solid foundation of talent database. These are connections on which they will draw to find the best fit for your roles. They have a dedicated team of experts whose only job is to find you the best candidates for your jobs. This reduces extra pressure on your staff to post jobs, screen, interview, hire, and onboard.

Efficient Process
Because healthcare staffing agencies do nothing else but recruit healthcare workers, their process is efficient and smooth, reducing the time it takes to hire. This is a win for you since you can devote your time to managing the employees you have and meeting the needs of your current team. Let us find exceptional new talent to add to your team through our finely tuned process.

We Can Help
If you envision an environment where you can focus on your team and enter the hiring process at the interview—not at the advertising and screening—phase, you should consider using our healthcare staffing agency today. You will appreciate all the ways we saved you time and met your need for qualified nurses and allied healthcare workers. Reach out to Pioneer Healthcare today. It might be the best decision you made all day.